Greetings and Welcome



Our trip begins and ends in Yellowknife. Our tour includes all items listed in the itinerary. Lunches & dinners are included. Breakfast is usually on your own. The trip consists of nine days and eight nights. We are going to discover Wood Buffalo National Park; experience vintage aircraft; visit UNESCO’s first designated world heritage site; meet people from all walks of life and several different cultural groups; and travel exotic waterways.

This trip has been designed to accommodate all levels of fitness. Alternate activities will be offered to those visitors with mobility and other limitations.

Every trip will be guided by Tracy Therrien, an experienced northern guide who is also owner of the company. The driver of our luxury coach is a long time northerner from our region. In every community we visit you will be hosted by local guides. If a local guide is not available Tracy will conduct the tour herself.

Our trip combines an “off the beaten path” experience with the comfort and luxury of our modern motor coach. The motor coach has been specially designed to offer first class features: larger seats, extended room between seats, and plenty of storage room on board to minimize the need for luggage transfers. There is a bathroom and fridge on board. For our accommodations, we have taken great care in choosing the best the north has to offer.

We offer our visitors a true northern experience, with emphasis on understanding our culture. Your guide and owner of the company has lived in the north for 30 years, and worked as a travel agent. Our trip must allow for flexibility and change to accommodate varying conditions beyond our control, such as weather, road conditions, or wild animals on the road, among other things. This is the way of life in the north. We will make adjustments and create alternative experiences as conditions require.

Welcome to the North!