Nahanni , Wood Buffalo National Park

Welcome to the Adventure of a Lifetime.

We will travel the Northwest Territories in luxury as we travel the through the North Slave, Deh Cho and South Slave regions in an intimate luxury coach. We will possibly see Bison, wildlife. Sample local cuisine and visit some of the most natural wonders the territory has to offer. Meet locals in all communities we visit.

Our trip is designed for the traveler looking to explore the unique ruggedness and natural beauties of Canada’s North in total comfort. The coach accommodates 14 guests  with all the amenities that include a washroom on board, additional leg room between seats, a full size screen, and an extensive northern library.

During the journey will occasionally dine in outdoor locations to fully enjoy the wonders of our National Parks. The trip is guided by long time Northerners. The day trips require moderate fit skills, and will require walking trails. There are no extreme adventures. For those unable to travel the hiking tours, there will always be options available on the coach. Northern films, and a guide to stay behind. Our adventure is designed to cover a vast region, while not repeating travel routes.  There are a few long travel days to prepare for, which will offer many stops to stretch and enjoy.

Accommodations are not the highlight of our journey, but we have selected the best the communities have to offer and provide the most convenient breakfast options. Your trip is inclusive of all tours, accommodations, meals and flights with the exception of breakfast. We will be staying in some B and B’s, where a continental will be offered, and or hotels where breakfast can be purchased. We have experienced some travelers are very early risers where others are not, so this allows that freedom to choose what time to start your day. There is also a full fridge on board, which allows us to provide snacks while travelling.

Our trip begins and ends in Yellowknife. There is a printable version of the Itinerary, here we will provide as much information as possible.



MID SUMMER – July 03 to July 12 – 2019 – 10 DAYS/ 9 NIGHTS

SUMMER AURORA – August 21 – August 30 – 10 DAYS / 9 Nights 

PRICE – based on Double Occupancy $5495.00 per person plus GST

Single Occupancy $6395.00 plus GST  / Children under 12 sharing room $3995.00 plus GST  / Children over 12 sharing room $4595.00 plus GST

                                                                                                                       THE ITINERARY

Day One – Travel day to Yellowknife. We have 4 major airlines travelling to Yellowknife. There are frequent options to connect in one day. Flights may arrive any where from 10am to 10pm, depending on connections. Day of arrival you will be met at airport and transferred to the hotel.  If you arrive early, that will be free time. Day of arrival we will have a hospitality suite open, to meet and greet and will provide some light snacks. Our choice hotel is the Chateau Nova, Yellowknife’s newest hotel. Please note – the only actual times that will be assigned will be the morning departure times. There are far to many variables in the North, to confirm otherwise.

Day Two – We will begin our day enjoying the capitol city Yellowknife (Sombak’e , place of money). (Breakfast on own). We will gather hotel lobby for 9am. Our city tour will include the the Giant Mine Site, YKEA, a tour of the Prince of Wales Museum,  Legislative Assembly (learn about our non partisan government). We will continue to the home of Ice Pilots, Buffalo Airways. We will take a drive by the home of Ice Road Trucker, meet some local Inuit artists. Visit the NWT Diamond Center, and end the day in our beautiful historic Old Town. Where Yellowknife began. that evening we will enjoy dinner at our famous Bullocks Bistro, our world renowned fish restaurant. There will very few shopping stops, your guide Tracy managed two of the very best local gifts shop during her 7 years at the Visitor Center, and will invite local artists to meet with you directly.

Day Three – travel to Hay River . This is one of our long travel days but involves many stops. (Breakfast on own). Meet hotel lobby 8:30 am, check out and start our adventure. We will head south on the worst known highway stretch in the North. Our first stop is the community of Behchoko (Big Knife). The North’s first self governed community. Home of the Tlicho Government. We will tour the community.

We continue and make our way to Fort Providence (Zkahti Koe, Slavey Language, hamlet) it is along this route we have our best chance of seeing Bison roaming free. In Zhahti Koe we will tour the community and enjoy lunch. The community is located at the mouth of the Mighty Mackenzie River and here we will cross the Deh Cho Bridge. We will visit  McNalley falls. We should arrive in Hay River early evening. Our goal is to arrive approximately 8pm. We will check into the Ptarmigan Inn and enjoy a late dinner.

Day Four – Meet in lobby 9am (breakfast on own)We will enjoy the Town of Hay River with visits to the West Channel, Old Town and Katlodeeche where the communities first began.  The Hay River Heritage Museum, the wonderful beaches, where we will dip our toes in Great Slave Lake. We will make our way to the spectacular Louise and Alexandra Falls, with a stop in Enterprise and one of the North’s best local craft stores. If weather permitting, we will plan to enjoy dinner on the beach and meet some of the amazing locals. Over night the Ptarmigan Inn.

Day Five – Meet in lobby 8:00am (breakfast on own). We will now make our way to Fort Smith (Thebacha , besides the rapids, Chipewyan). The community of Fort Smith and the gateway to Wood National Buffalo Park. We will make stops at one of the North’s largest sink hole’s.  We will visit the magnificent Salt Plains. We should arrive in the community late  afternoon, we will check into the Pelican Rapids.  We will enjoy dinner and following dinner we will enjoy the Rapid of the Drown.

Day Six – (breakfast on own) Meet hotel lobby 9am.  We will enjoy a community tour and Wood Buffalo National park museum. We will enjoy a guided tour into the park, with a Parks Guide.  We will attempt to retire early as day seven is a very long travel day.

Day Seven – (breakfast on own) Meet lobby 8:30am. Today we spend the entire day on the coach. Our meals will be eaten on board. We will have dinner at Sombe Ke Falls, which has a sheltered cook house in case of bad weather.  Lunch at Alexandra Falls, located on the Kakisa River. Our estimated driving time with no delays, will be approximately 9 hours plus meal breaks. There are no accommodations between the two communities. We will offer movies, we have games and our extensive library to enjoy on this day. We will check into the Deh Cho Suites and the Mackenzie Rest.

Day Eight –  Nahanni Tour. We will be flying on a twin otter floatplane, taking off from the shore of the Mackenzie River. You will soar through FirstSecond and Third Canyons. Our pilot will share the legends of Deadman ValleyHeadless RangeFuneral Range and Death Lake. Keep an eye out for Dall Sheep. You will land on the South Nahanni River at the top of Virginia Falls twice the height of Niagra Falls. . Whitewater plunging 92 meters into the Painted Canyon.   Nahanni Plateau and Ram River Canyons.  We will fly between two mountains with a quick visit to Little Doctor lake. The tour is approximately six hours.

Day Nine – Today’s adventures will depend if we were successful in enjoying our tour into the Nahanni, the previous day. The tour is very weather dependent. The rules are as follows, if a flight is cancelled the day previous, we get bumped to the next day. We allow this extra day in that case. There are alternative tours we will plan upon arrival. Fort Liard, Nahanni Butte are possible. There are also a couple of operators who will be on alert to possibly book options.

Day Ten – We still have the option of taking a very early morning tour if we were not successful. We will enjoy the community of Fort Simpson. We then take a return flight to Yellowknife which then concludes our adventure.

Recommended Clothing

We encourage you to pack as lightly as possible. We will provide while travelling with us. Bug Jackets, Rain Gear. We change accommodations frequently, some which do not have elevators, so two smaller bags is preferable. One that could stay on the coach and one that can be taken in the rooms. Our weather can change instantly, you will need summer clothes we can reach, 30 degrees Celsius/ 90 degrees Fahrenheit and also a warm jacket. Comfortable walking shoes.

Bug repellent – The proven effective spray are those that contain DEET.  We will have on board, but if you prefer others you must provide.



Trip Application & Liability Release Form


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Type of Trip: Motor Coach Tour              Location: Northwest Territories 


As a participant on a The Bucketlist Tours, I realize that inherent dangers exist. While in good health and able to fully participate in such activities, I realize my participation may result in illness or injury due to accidents, the forces of nature or other causes unforeseen. Such illness or injury may include disease, strains, sprains, fractures, dislocations, paralysis and/or death. By participating, I hereby and knowingly assume all risk resulting from these activities.

On behalf of myself, my family or other personal representatives I hereby agree to release, hold harmless and indemnify the Bucketlist Tours, its agents, officers, guides and leaders from any and all claims and law suits for bodily injury, property damage, wrongful death, loss of services etc. which may result from my participation in the above mentioned activities, regardless of whether or not these claims or suits arise from negligent acts, omissions by the Bucketlist Tours organizers, leaders or facilitators of the activity, employees or volunteers, another participant, any other person involved or from any other cause.



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